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When we look into the history pages, we come across many incidents which have shown significant impact on the world.

These incidents were either man made or natural. World wars are the examples for such man-made disasters and epidemics like Spanish Flu are the natural disasters. Today, the entire world is suffering from the dangers of Covid 19. At the time of writing this article, Covid-19 had hit nearly 3 million people all over the globe and nearly 2 lakh people had lost their lives. The danger bells are still ringing and the aftermath of the pandemic is highly unpredictable.

When something happens in the world, it is natural that there will be repercussions of that incident. The 9/11 attacks are an example for such an incident. When the attacks took place, there was panic everywhere. It created a horrifying spectacle and changed the perception of the people towards manifold things. People had developed a fear for the air travel and many of them had cancelled their journeys, just because of the fear that was created by the attacks.  The apprehension of the people due to attacks, which resulted in the cancellation of their travel, caused a lot of damage to the travel sector subjecting it to great turbulence for a long period of time. The attitudinal shift of people contributed a lot to the decline of the travel industry. People had either procrastinated or cancelled their tours and confined themselves to home. This abominable situation took a significant amount of time to return to normalcy. In the mean time, a considerable amount of damage was done. We come across several such instances in the history, the influence of which cannot be ignored.

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