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Product Engineering & Modernisation

Mobile Development

Modern day applications are incomplete without Mobile portability. Even enterprise applications do need a mobile version. With real estate available over the devices, Responsive web apps can not replace the complexities involved in User Experience.

At NSR, Mobile development offering is augmented with application engineering to provide seamless development for being cost effective as well as to maintain as consistent user experience. We design and deliver Mobile app both on Android, iOS and cross platform.

iOS App Development

With our effective iOS app Development services, we can transform a simple app concept into a polished iOS app. On iPhones and iPads, our apps run flawlessly. On the iOS app development platform, our app developers have developed hundreds of high-performance apps for clients.


Android App Development

Our developers create effective Android applications that help our clients expand their businesses faster by combining industry knowledge with the newest Android technology. By bringing company concepts to life, our mobile app developers have created solid, scalable solutions.

Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

We have complete knowledge in producing multi-platform mobile applications for iOS and Android utilising technologies such as PhoneGap, Flutter, React Native, Xamarin, and others as an innovative Mobile Application Development Company. Based on our client’s business and needs we design and develop custom mobile apps.

AI/IoT/Blockchain App Development

Our mobile app developers can construct cutting-edge mobile apps that include cutting-edge technologies like IoT, Blockchain, and AI. Our services provide our clients with customised solutions that provide your company a competitive advantage.

Mobile App Testing

While our mobile app testers are certified in a variety of commercial and open source mobile testing tools, our test architects and engineers specialise in mobile testing for a variety of industries, including banking, insurance, travel, retail, and more, using industry-leading mobile testing tools and best practises.