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Data Engineering Solutions

Business Intelligence and Data Mordenization

NSR’s passion, for driving customer success is at the heart of its Business Intelligence and Data Mordenization solution. Our articulation of BI visualisation, which offers a stunning user experience combined with sophisticated KPIs, reflects our core idea.

We work with companies to establish a trusting partnership that recognises the importance of technology. We use a combination of powerful data visualisation and dashboarding to offer our findings.

Advanced Data Visualization and Reporting

Using our expertise in producing visualisations and eye-pleasing dashboards, improve the user experience to enhance the decision-making process by turning your data into insights.

Cloud BI

In a cluttered, generic BI industry, NSR’s cloud business intelligence stands out by providing a tailored solution for everyday consumers. NSR provides a basic yet strong analytical capabilities for instantly converting data into a chart, graph, or map. 

Master Data Management 

Our master data management services provide the frameworks, accelerators, and solutions required to build a centralised information hub that avoids traditional point-to-point integration of disparate applications. We detect data anomalies as they happen, saving you time and money in the long run by preventing costly errors.