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Strategy And Architecture


Costs and investments in the cloud are difficult to manage. With no organisational visibility and predictability on usage, it’s simple to overspend on cloud services, making it difficult to verify that your cloud investment delivers the speed and innovation you need. A FinOps-based cloud cost management solution brings together financial, technical, and business divisions to build a cost-conscious culture for cloud cost minimization. We take it even farther with NSR’s Cloud FinOps Services. We focus on helping you discover the correct combination of cost, agility, and quality to drive innovation and accomplish the business objectives you desire, in addition to addressing the cost side of the equation.

Adaption of multi cloud setup in the organization has resulted in multiple de-centralised cost points.

Hefty bills being paid to Cloud Service Providers. No proper audit available for cloud expenses.

Budget spill over – Spending more than what is allocated. Approx. 30-35% spill over is observed.

Simplified single pane view is missing for overall cloud spend of organizations.

Why FinOps with NSR?​


Easy to Deploy

Quick deployment over public clouds, On Prem as per the need in a quick span of two days


Easily scalable to handle any large size of infrastructure

Plug & Play

Onboard your cloud providers (One time activity), and let FinOPS do the magic.

Ease of Access

FinOps is designed for ease of access over desktops as well as on your mobile

Ease of Integration

FinOps APIs help to easily integrate with any specific reporting or ticketing tool.