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Data Engineering Solutions

Big Data

Our big data experts help unearth insights on key aspects of your organization’s supply chain. Research has shown that big data investments have +RoI on production, sales, marketing and customer retention.

Big Data Analytics

Be it enhancing the process or automating a unit, we develop customized software solutions. We leverage big data frameworks, design best practices , and other advanced techniques to create highly efficient enterprise solutions for clients.

Big Data Management

We offer end-to-end Big Data solutions for creating and managing clean, unified data for quick and secure access to company data. Our integrated and holistic solutions for a 360-degree view of data serve as a single source of truth, establishing the Data Democracy paradigm.

Data Lakes

Using self-service dashboards for deep inquiry, we provide integrated solutions for extracting value from large data sets in real-time. NSR enables you to generate real-time and meaningful business insights from large, integrated, and comprehensive data sets stored in a elastic-enabled storage system.

Big Data Platform

Our core expertise with, Big Data Development PoC to Production, Big Data Cluster Set-up, Big Data Platform Integration, Map Reduce Development, NoSQL Analytics and Security management  helps businesses stay competitive by making their processes and systems responsive and aligned to evolving market conditions.