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Strategy And Architecture

Strategy and Architecture

We collaborate with you to define your architecture, incorporating security, resiliency, and management models into a workable solution that fulfils your business requirements. We understand the need for cloud solutions that preserve existing investments while also allowing enterprises to take advantage of hybrid, multi-cloud, and hyperscaler models.

Technology Strategy and Roadmap

The NSR technology roadmap lays out the technical strategy and technique for a hybrid multicloud solution, as well as an architectural roadmap for updating your infrastructure and boosting innovation.

Technology architecture

We assist you in constructing a unified target cloud solution architecture for your hybrid and multicloud demands. Security, resiliency, and management paradigms should all be integrated.

 Resiliency architecture

In a hybrid multicloud environment, our cloud professionals apply a programmatic lifecycle approach to assist preserve your important workloads. We know how well you’re prepared to recover from a cyberattack and what you can do to boost your overall resiliency.

Cloud service management architecture

Using a management framework and tools, NSR’s Cloud service management architecture provides a uniform picture of business handling and impact across your platforms.