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Strategy And Architecture

Cloud Security and Resiliency​

NSR’s approach places strong security and resilience at the heart of your digital transformation strategy, allowing our clients to fully exploit the benefits of cloud computing while remaining vigilant about risk discovery and mitigation. We take cloud resilience seriously, and our knowledge can help businesses keep their mission-critical cloud-hosted apps safe and accessible.

We can extend our standard security and resilience approaches to cloud technologies to embed security into more efficient digital operating models using a customised strategy, based on years of experience and industry-leading research into potential risks.

Security Risk Management​

NSR assists you in managing risks across your enterprise’s expanding perimeter, including remote working environments and the cloud. Our security risk management services assist you in defining and implementing a risk management framework that aligns with your business goals and risk tolerance.

Secured Infrastructure​

We help defend your applications, cloud, hybrid infrastructure, and endpoints against exploitation based on your specific security requirements. For businesses to feel safe and compliant, we design, deploy, and integrate advanced threat protection perimeter, network, and endpoint solutions.

Cyber Defense​

With NSR’s cyber protection services, you can protect your business, safeguard vital assets, and improve visibility. We oversee security operations and use intelligent automation to prevent breaches, detect threats, and respond quickly to incidents.