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Product Engineering & Modernisation

UI/UX Modernisation & Accessibility

NSR offers a memorable, customised, and highly engaging experience for all end-users, whether customers and workers, when it comes to digital modernisation and UI/UX application modernization. We think that digital transformation is about altering how teams collaborate rather than just the technology they use to complete tasks.

We have several fundamental capabilities to give our clients, which will significantly improve the functionality of their websites and applications, based on our years of expertise in website building and UI/UX modernization.

We take a methodical approach that yields designs that are intuitive, engaging, versatile, and innovative. We are confident of our UI/UX design approach, which provides a world-class user experience, in addition to giving our apps a distinct visual character.

We’ve created unique user interfaces for a wide range of platforms, including desktops, phones, tablets, and smart displays, throughout the years. Our basic principles of UX/UI design have kept the same: the design must clearly express the app’s goal while placing the user at the centre of the experience.

UI/UX Consulting​

We are aware of changing and emerging market trends as well as consumer expectations, and we review and analyse your current systems and infrastructure before advising you on the necessary adjustments and improvements. We also provide guidance on effective solution architecture and migration methodologies.

UX Research

The greatest approach to come up with unique, original, and user-friendly product ideas is to research market trends and user behaviour. You can precisely know what your audience needs with effective user research, and then create the finest product to meet those demands and give your consumers with fantastic experiences. We assist you in doing all of this research, including all essential analysis and testing.

UX Design

It’s not only about the aesthetics and appeal of the UX design when it comes to providing excellent user experiences. It is more dependent on how these designs function. With our tried-and-true approaches, we build the most functional UX solutions for you while simultaneously ensuring their aesthetics and appeal.

GUI Modernization

We collaborate with you to understand business objectives and expectations, and then build an application with a completely new and modern user interface capable of providing excellent user experiences to app visitors and generating more traffic.

UI Engineering

Only a decent user interface in a UX Design will provide the finest experience for your users. With our UI engineering, we work with a variety of frontend technologies such as HTML, CSS, Java, Angular, and others, and work in a detail-oriented approach to ensure that the ideas are perfectly implemented.

Conversational Interfaces

Filling out forms and tickets and waiting for replies are no longer popular pastimes. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are driving the world forward. We employ such technologies to assist you in designing and implementing conversational interfaces with chat bots so that people may interact with your website in real time.