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Health is very important to every person. The field of medicine has witnessed tremendous development in the recent past.

The role of technology in this development is undisputed. The combination of Medicine and Technology has brought so many innovations and has transformed the entire ecosystem. In spite of such achievements, there remain certain blockades which require serious attention.

People talk about data science and its role in medicine. Data science is a very fast emerging branch of technology, reaching almost all the business domains in the world. It is very essential to understand the basic structure of any technology before applying it to any sector. Healthcare sector is very complex in nature because no department is independent. There is great interdependency of departments in health sector, unlike in any other sector. The way patients are treated has undergone drastic changes in the recent past with the support of AI technologies. Healthcare sector includes Hospitals, Pharma industries, Pharmacies, Diagnostic centres etc.

It is imperative at this point to dig deep into various contributors that revolutionize healthcare. There are many but few have been identified as the major influencing factors. With the use of technology in Medicine, there is a rapid change in diagnoses and treatment. AI technologies play an important role in Imaging to diagnose the deformities in the body, which cannot be identified otherwise. Regular collection of patient data and its analysis help the doctors to decide an effective line of treatment. By looking at the patient data, doctors can understand the social status of the patient and can take right decisions which can prevent the eruption of dreadful diseases.

Apart from these advancements, genome analytics are also getting recognition in healthcare and are turning out to be a deadly combo and revolutionizing healthcare industry. Application of Data Science in genomic sequencing, which is otherwise called as Genomic Data Science, is a very important method to diagnose and treat complex disorders. This trend indicates the growing importance of Data Science in healthcare sector.

There is a significant difference between the methods of diagnoses and treatment of the past and modern methods. Healthcare facilities change with time and advancement in technology. They are dynamic and unpredictable. In addition to these problems, there are several other factors which pose constant challenge to the productivity in healthcare sector. No matter what the complexity of the problem is, Data science can assist with cloud-based tools and applications to solve all the problems.

Data Science enables effective decision making which will in turn increase the quality of care and reduction in costs. All the patient data is stored at one place which can be shared with other users whenever needed. Effectively, Data Science helps both patients and doctors to put collective effort for the improvement of clinical service.

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