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QA Automation Engineer (Python with Selenium)

by NSR | March, 2022

What You’ll Do: 

  • Develop, automate, document, and execute test suites
  • Maintain and improve automation pipeline and test environment
  • Execute regression test and investigate test failures
  • Track defects, collect required information, and recommend resolutions
  • Research on new innovative test methods and procedures

Required Technical and Professional Expertise: 

  • 4+ years of relevant experience in working as the QA role for a production-scale systems
  • Solid coding skills with Python
  • Selenium with Python, worked on libraries like Pytest and unittest
  • Familiarity with Jenkins and AWS CodeCommit/GitHub
  • Experience in Agile/ Devops
  • Familiarity with AWS Cloud Platform
  • A solid understanding of databases
  • Knowledge about server less technique for the scalabilities (AWS Lambda and AWS Fargate) and experience with CI/CD flow in AWS and Docker is an added advantage
  • Good communication skill, sense of responsibility, and ability to resolve problems independently