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Database Developer

by NSR | March, 2022

This position necessitates an individual with a strong sense of creativity. He or she can work directly with clients, gathering requirements to align technology with business strategy and goals, and bringing in specialists from both within and outside the company for deep functional or industry expertise, domain knowledge, or providing expertise.

Job Description:

  • 3+ Years of experience working with Database Development in SQL.
  • Knowledge of best practices when dealing with relational databases, specifically PostgreSQL/MS SQL Server.
  • Experience in complex SQL development and performance tuning.
  • Capable of troubleshooting common database issues.
  • Experience with shell scripting and python scripting
    Extensive experience with complex stored procedures, triggers, and indexes.
  • Understanding of database normalization concepts.
  • Some experience in logical and physical database design.
  • Strong experience with building ETL pipelines with technologies such as Talend or SSIS.
  • Good at data modeling skills to integrate data from multiple sources

Skills Required (Mandatory): RDBMS (Postgres/Oracle/SQL Server), ETL (Talend/SSIS), SQL Query Optimization, Data Modelling